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Take advantage of remote consultations for you and your staff. We offer solutions for you to take care of your employees and avoid Workman's Compensation Claims before or after an injury. 

Video Consults

Work injuries can put a knot in your stomach as an employer, and for the employee. The workman's comp circus can be a dizzy ride, leaving the employee out of work and the employer with undue hassle.

Schedule a consultation for your employee on a cash-based fee schedule. We can perform screening to see if the injury requires more services, or if we can manage the employee. This can save on costs and get the patient's needs addressed faster than when waiting on approval from Workman's Compensation companies.

Virtual Tours

Having a safe workplace is important to you. But who do consult to ensure your space is ergonomic, safe, and efficient?

We can set up virtual tours of your facility or work areas to help curb costs of workplace assessments. On-site visits can also be made if necessary.

Schedule your virtual tour today and we will help you find practical, low cost solutions so you can know your employees are safe and decrease workplace injuries.

Live or Live Stream

Employee In-services

Our therapists are available to provide good, evidenced based solutions for your employees.

Have a specific topic? Great!

We can provide on-site or webinar style in-services to your employees (up to 100 participants) on a wide variety of topics as it pertains to workplace safety and injuries, as well as teach employees how to self-treat common injuries WHILE they are working!

Topic Examples:

  • Hand Numbness/Carpal Tunnel
  • Back strain
  • Neck strain
  • Frequent ankle or wrist sprains
  • Tendinitis of elbow or knee (most common)
  • Posture problems (prolonged sitting or standing)
  • Heavy Lifting and Gripping